Birthday Cupcakes

Days, months and years seem to fly by now.  Birthdays come way to fast.  This past Saturday, as I  got out of bed, I heard 40 knock at my door.  Seriously, where has the time gone?  Was I ready to say goodbye to my 30s?

When I look back on my 30s, it started with a huge move to a new place.  I found myself leaving the familiarity of New Jersey and moving across the country to California with its picturesque green hills, gorgeous weather and its melting pot of cultures and nationalities. I moved to California believing God directed me here for such a time as this and it has been a journey that taught me to stop trusting in my plans but trust God’s timing. I went out of my 30’s with a bang.  In basically a little more than a year, I transitioned from a Ms. to a Mrs, changed jobs,  and added another smile into the world with the birth of my beautiful daughter.  My life is so different now but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I prayed for where I’m at today and I’m grateful, so very grateful.

As I look back at my 30’s, I thank it for the wisdom,  the lessons, the friendships, the mistakes, and the experiences.  I answer the knock at the door and I say proudly, ” 40 you will bring me new adventures, new lessons, more wisdom and I promise to continue to sprinkle my black girl magic on life.  So today I celebrate not only this milestone birthday but what lies ahead and I rejoice for another opportunity to celebrate another year of life!