The Top Three Reasons You Need Professional Headshots

Professional headshots indicate that you are serious about your business and your profession.  A poor headshot (camera phone, having multiple people in the pictures) distracts your viewers from your work experience, your accomplishments, and your skills. Here are the top three reason to book your professional headshots:

  1. It Sets a Professional Tone – A  headshot sets a professional tone and it provides a first impression about you.
  2. It Needs to Reflect How You Look Today – Make sure your headshots on LinkedIn or another professional networking site, reflects how you look today and not 10-15 year ago.
  3. Showcase Your Personality – Allow your professional headshots to show your personality.

Book your headshots today:

Headshots Package:

  • $100 flat fee
  • Includes up to an hour of photos
  • Digital photos are available in an online gallery